Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No, it's a Chinese Restaurant.

I was in the preshow today at work and a man walked in that did not speak much english. Our conversation went as follows:

Man: What is going on in here?
Me: Well, this is the line.
Man: When does the show start?
Me: It's not a show, it's the Great Movie Ride and the wait time is less than 5 minutes.
Man: Ohhh, it's a movie.
Me: No, it's a ride. The attraction is called the Great Movie Ride.
Man: What does it do?
Me: You ride through scenes from classic movies.
Man: It's a movie...
Me: No, it's a ride about the movies.
Man: It's a show?
Me. No, it's a ride.

Man nods. And then he opens his water bottle and takes a sip.

Me: Sir, I'm sorry, but there's no drinking in the building.

Man twists the lid on the bottle and walks away.