Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We all hope that we bear some resemblance to a fantastically attractive star or starlet. Even if we don't think that we look just like so-and-so, we look for features that we think we share--"my forehead is JUST LIKE hers!" "You see that collarbone? Yup, it's just like mine." I of course am not exempt from such fantasizing. Unfortunately, working at Disney World where you have thousands of brief, first-impression only encounters, my "having a beautiful celebrity doppleganger" bubble has been thoroughly and painfully popped.

It started last summer when, on a number of occasions, guests would tell me that I look exactly like Ricki Lake. One such guest even went to high school with "the gorgeous Ricki Lake" (his words, not mine). I hoped I was just having a bad hair year or something. Another thing I got all. the. time. was, "You look like that Hairspray girl!"

Oh, goody.

Anyway, I still got a few of these types of comments from guests this summer. Then, on one of my last days at work, it happened. Every girl's worst nightmare.

"You know that girl from TV, SNOOKI? You remind me of her!"

Maybe she thought my hat was a poof.

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